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Monday, August 22 2016
Top 5 Grilles to Dress up Your Chrysler 300

Still searching for the one unique grille to enhance the front of your Chrysler 300? Check out some interesting grille choices to upgrade your ride. Whether you drive the Chrysler 300 Base, Limited, Touring, Hemi C or SRT8 model, there’re unlimited styles available to dress up your ride.

These collections build upon a range of the best grills that are available for sale. You’ll find mesh styles, billet or even customized versions from top suppliers including E&G Classics, Grip Tuning, MVP Styling, Trex Billets and some more obscure grille styles from manufacturers all over the world.

On the positive side, choosing the right grille to modernize the front of your Chrysler 300 should plainly be fun, but the process has the tendency for being overwhelming. Ultimately, to avoid that shopping fatigue, follow a scripted styling theme that is right for you.

Looking for the right grille to modernize the front of your Chrysler 300? Here are the top 5 grilles to consider in any order:

  1. Grip Tuning Painted Grille: Ordinarily, if you’re looking to differentiate your Chrysler 300 from the crowd and eventually make heads turn, the horizontal style grille by Grip Tuning fits the bill. Expressly, this grille style is a staple for 300 Hemi C drivers and Chrysler 300 SRT8 owners alike. The one-piece custom grill construction is custom-made from high-impact TPO plastic material and easily color-matched or customized to make a styling statement.
  2. Mesh Style Grille by E&G Classics: The mesh style grill by E&G Classics is one of the early entrants to modernize the front of the Chrysler 300. While there’re similar designs from MVP Customs, Trex Billets, Putco or APS, the mesh grille by E and G is the preferred. The grille features a 1-piece construction with a chrome plated mesh pattern and mirror shine polished stainless steel surround.
  3. Bentley Style: While there’ve been grilles posing as Bentley grille, the brands by MVP styling meets the grind or guts to being called the Bentley style grille. In this space, 3 popular brands comes to mind: MVP and E&G Classics are the top players in this space. Depend on your styling theme or budget, either styles is right.
  4. Grip Tuning Chrome Horizontal Grille: If you truly want to differentiate your vehicle from the pack, choose this grille. The Grip Tuning grille is a 1-piece construction with horizontal bars that’s offered in chrome. This is a must-have grille if you truly want to separate your vehicle from the herd.
  5. Vertical Style Grille by Lund: Originally manufactured by Trenz Billets, and more recently by Lund International. From the early beginnings of the Chrysler 300 introduction, this has been a (crowd favorite) street favored grille. Like the Grip Grille, the Lund vertical grille is a one-piece sturdy aluminum construction with vertical bars. While there’s been copycats in varied designs, the vertical style construction by Lund is still the preferred version to buy.

Shopping Tips for Custom Grilles

The best aftermarket custom grille to lend on the front of your Chrysler 300 should carefully be paired with the theme and personality of yours truly. That said, avoid shopping for grilles that is cheap or are on-sale. Equally, avoid shopping for grilles that are monotonously designed for all. Moreover, there’s nothing more annoying with co-workers or relatives, or even friends driving the same vehicle with the same like-accessories.

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Where to Buy the Best Chrysler 300 Grille

Surely, you can find assorted custom aftermarket grilles from the internet. With this in mind, once you’ve found the one that best meet your style, it’s easier to order directly from the source.

You have made the right decision to upgrade the front of your vehicle with a custom grille. Nevertheless, while there are plentiful custom Chrysler 300 grilles offered for sale, you don’t want to conversely settle for any grille. Instead, choose a head-turner that matches your personal style and your ending styling theme.

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